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A true story of my relationship life at school the way destroy my life


My name is  Baraka Bosco I was born in 1993 in Tanzania in the Dodoma region. In our family, we have six children, four daughters and two boys I mean my brother, and I are the only boys in our family. I started primary school in 2001 and graduated seventh grade in 2007, by the time I was in a primary school I was very handsome. But many of them were afraid to tell me because I was so quieted, so many of them couldn't find a way to be close to me.

 Also, I was very scared of girls, and I was very shy, in my class there were some girls I really liked except because of my fear and shame made me unable to tell them about my feelings to them. I failed to put closeness with them until we graduated seventh grade, after graduating I stayed at home for a while to wait for the results. Fortunately, the results were good, so I was able to continue to secondary school, and I was selected for a secondary school called a Chinangali secondary school. I studied there for a little because I hadn't been attending the classroom just for a long time. By the time I had not entered the classroom for 60 days as two months. 

Then my parents decided to transfer me to a boarding school called Mandela secondary school. Then I started studying from form two until graduating in form four in 2001. Being in that school life was very difficult as you know to board a little food and cooking without any ingredients. Fortunately, I found a girl named Betina who had a title at school. As a result of her status then my life started to be good and I got a lot of good food. 

My relationship with the classmate was good because the whole school knew I was in love with him, but there was a teacher who really liked the girl who was my girlfriend. The biggest obstacle became me, so the teacher began to impose restrictions on me everywhere. In the classroom, in sports, and even in the food department. He was giving me mistakes that I didn't make to punish me, but after some time I reduced closeness with my partner after myself suffering from punishment. I miss sessions in class for her.

 One day Betina came to me and asked me why nowadays I have changed or I got someone else. I stayed Silently, he held my hand and told me I knew all that was troubling you but very sorry for all the trouble. I still love you, and I am looking forward to being with you, he asked, do you still love me? Since I loved her I couldn't hide my feelings from her and told her even I love you so much, she was so happy that she hugged me and kissed me on the cheek. 

But I asked her, how about this teacher who loves you? .Because he punished me much more that made me miss class sessions all week. He told me about the teacher issue let me handle this, days later we had a month left, to do the national exam to complete Form Four. I was very happy because I was tired of school life, but all the while the teacher was still angry with me and was planning how to do to stop me from passing that exam. 

Without any idea about the teacher, two weeks left to do the national examination, and I remember it was Friday that I was in class sitting, and studying mathematics. One student came to call me and told me you were called to the office, I didn't care. I knew maybe I was going to be sent by a teacher maybe. When I got to the office, I found the whole Stuff, there when the headmaster told me; we had called you here for two mistakes. 

Firstly, not attending a session in class and second getting involved in relationships at school. I was still surprised he gave me a letter telling me you were given a suspension, you would come the day to do the exam. I left there very sad because I am not wrong, but my relationship with the teacher's favorite student was the reason for the suspension. I had to pretend I was backing home, but I was at my friend's house (named Ally). 

Since I was so scared to go home, I wondered how the parents would receive I and my parents were very strict at school. I sat there and sat inside and was afraid of people not seeing me, when the examination day came I had to go one day to arrive before the exam. I was successful in doing the test, we came home to wait for the results, but I couldn't pass because I was given the constraints before doing the test. That was my relationship life in school that ruined my life in general.

When you are in school as a student your only responsibility is to study only. The relationship stuff, there is not the right place, everything has its own time and place, study first, relationships are after finish your studies.

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