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Why increasing in the number of early marriages in Africa?

Just another day dear readers, Today, I have a topic that deals with the rise of child marriage. What are early marriages?.

 It is a condition for a girl to marry, or to marry at a young age due to the law of their country, for example, Tanzania under the age of eighteen. Each country has its own rules and arranges the age of the person to engage in a romantic relationship.

But for us in Tanzania, people are allowed to engage in a relationship once they reach the age of eighteen. This law is not only at the relationship, but even in relation to driver's licenses, as they believe from the age of eighteen he has already grown up. And also his ability to brainstorm things is huge, an increase that comes from parents at home failing to communicate with their children. Due to being busy with work and others they are not used to talking to their children about relationship issues.

 Some parents feel it is a shame to sit down and start talking to their child about relationship matters. But they do not know by doing, so that is the only way to save her from the whole issue of early marriage. Also, teachers in schools have been teaching children about early marriages, but not on a regular basis. In order for education about the effects of early marriage to remain in their heads, then they must be provided with that information regularly. Most often early marriage occurs only when the girls are in school, and they become pregnant.

 A situation that will result in her being unable to continue her education, and start having a pregnancy until she gives birth. After giving birth it is no longer possible for the female parents, they will not be ready to raise the child at their own expense. So deciding to legalize marriage so that they can live together as husband and wife, this is the first source in Tanzania and Africa that causes child marriage to grow daily.

Secondly, children who have not been fortunate enough to be sent to school due to the difficult life of their home. Especially for girls, it leads to engaging in any relationship with boys. So that he can earn some money to support his life and his family. The girl later becomes pregnant and decides to get married at an early age.

ADVICE I advise the government first, the government has the power to prevent child marriage by a large percentage. By providing adequate education to young men under 18 years about the effects of marriage at an early age. There should also be strict legislation for a man who marries a young daughter, but much of the power over the education of the effects of early marriage should be directed to the rural areas.

 In rural areas, they still have an outdated tradition and custom, and we have seen 80% of early marriages occur in rural areas. Even though life has been very difficult, we should not live outside the rules set by our government officials for protecting our children from the dangers of engaging in relationships at an early age. The time should come when everyone says no early marriage.

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