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Current marriages wife and husband each do their own thing in secret

A relationship is a union between two people which means there be no secret between you. Whether it's your will or other aspects of development between you, nowadays many things have changed as a result of the hardships of life and infidelity.
A wife can open a business without informing her husband, she does her things in secret since she believes it is possible that even her husband may be doing other things without telling her. Hard life makes people do things in secret, as well as being selfish to want a good life to find your own. And for others to be under you while being able to raise him or her as you wish, thinking why it may be a secret you will discover all this is due to infidelity in this generation.

 And in my opinion, I feel there is no benefit to having such secrets, why one day that secret may be known and make you appear unreliable in relationships. The secret is known when one of them experiences a mistake in their business that leads to a person becoming depressed until he or she has no self-control decides to tell you that he or she opened a business. You will hear I want you to surprise, I planned to tell you on your birthday, are lying to you, because you married her you believe it will be true, but he told you after he had problems.

 But if he does not have problems then he would not tell you and you would not know that he has a business opening somewhere, as he might even be a man, and he has many things done without telling her. And he has been earning money to spend with another woman who is not his wife, doing things secretly in marriage has become very common these days. When it happens, you tell everything your wife what you want to do. 

Then your friends will see you as a wonderful person, and they may be able to exclude you from doing that.

Marriage is not a secret, it is a matter of communicating and planning all aspects of marriage, and other matters. If you decide to keep a secret, you first make it clears that you are not being married to each other, you have no real love for your partner. It also reduces the value of marriage, since once you are married you have become one and not have to hide anything small or big. 

A happy and loving marriage is a marriage in which a couple puts their things together, decisions that arise after an agreement between the husbands and wife.  If you still keep secret in your marriage then it does not mean the existence of a marriage, often such marriages do not last and problems should arise in that marriage. When you get married know that there is no secret between you and everything is done in cooperation.

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