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For relationships to stay longer a man must have an income.

The world has changed, life has changed, and people have changed. Technology is very important as it makes the world one thing, but on the other hand, it has transformed the whole system of life and made life very difficult.
In the present world, everything is money, if you don't have money then all the good things in the world will be missing, now love has been not from the heart but love is from within the wallet. Most men who are betrayed by their partners are because of lack of income, if you really love him you have to make a living income so that you can serve all his needs and  he can love you more.

But if you do not fulfill his needs he cannot and will have no reason to continue to be with you, out there are men capable of meeting his needs. That is the basis of love at the moment as a woman does not look at what work you are doing, she looks at how much she wants so she can buy things she wants like clothes, cosmetics.

 Eighty years ago there was real love, people were genuinely in love with each other even though they had no money due to the poor infrastructure. But they were living well without having a misunderstanding, this is because the culture and traditions they set for themselves are the sources of them to live well in relationships.

 At the moment these traditions have been said to be outdated and should not continue to exist and apply to society. And bring their modern culture and contributing to technology to spread this culture fast all over the world. The difference between past and present in relationships is dishonesty and lack of real love now, intolerance in relationships.

 Especially when you live longer with someone with less income and their income fails to increases, city kids say money first is the first and love will be next. This leads to women getting into a relationship with a man because of money but he didn't like her at all.

Being called a man means you have the power to handle all the responsibilities for you and your family. But it has been different these days many men are running away from their responsibilities and making their families lead a stressful life. Even in religious books, it has been written that a man is the head of the house and it is his duty to provide service for his family without tired.

But men have always been interested in having relationships with women who have money so they can earn money and run away. Women have also been spending large sums of money to make men unable to afford them. But men, we must remember that we must look for money because without money we will only be betrayed by those we love, always woman has worked just to help you to afford all the needs at home but is not official work for her.

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