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Is it correct to marry into poor families

Love does not choose against the poor or the rich man, the fat or thin, tall or short, black or white. A white man can marry a black man, and a fat man can marry a thin one if they truly love each other. The word love has a very broad meaning, as well as in love we never ask why you love that person or why you are married to that person. Love is a magical thing that exists in a person's spirit, sometimes you can love someone and have no reason to love them.

And there is no doctor of love in the world, to say that he knows best about love, has never been abandoned. But all our romantic trips are the same, there are mountains, valleys, rain and sunshine that are the times we went through most of us. In the relationship peoples, they enjoy it is few compared to the total number of people in these relationships because of the betrayal within us, most of us have no true love.

It's very easy to get to know someone who doesn't like you but wants you because of your facial appearance or body appearance. There are few criteria to identify a person, such as he or she will not care for your problems will not give you help tell you he has no money.

Let's go back to today's topic, it's okay to marry into poor families. To me, I say it is absolutely correct if both will be in love and are ready to get married. Some people are very wrong in saying it is wrong as the whole family will be needed care from you and you also have a family that needs your help.

Then you have to ask yourself some questions like since their brother had no relationship with you how were they living? .Married to one person or married to the whole family, you automatically get the answer. Your responsibilities are to love your wife, secure her, look after her, make sure she is always healthy. His family can help them on the day you go to visit just go with basic daily necessities like rice, beans, fat to eat and a little money to spend.

In doing so, it is enough to be seen as a better husband who cares for his wife and his wife's family. And if you try to calculate you will know that for a year you can go once or twice, so the cost of serving is not too much to make a failure to serve. It should be noted that poor families did not like being poor in this world, but God plans the rich and poor, but you can earn money anytime and you become one of the famous people who called the rich.

Don't like to despise someone because he is poor, life is a cycle that rich can be poor and poor can be rich. And in love we have neither the poor nor the rich, The important thing there was the sincere true love he had and nothing else. Let's learn from other people living or marrying poor families because love has no boundaries.

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