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Lack of knowledge about relationships cause lovers to separate each other

The number of lovers to divorce is higher than the number of long-term lovers. Also, broken marriages are a serious problem and this is all due to a lack of education about relationship life. Lovers have been abandon for common reasons without any weight.

You will hear the story yesterday, his boyfriend posted a picture of another woman on her Instagram account, or there is one girl when posting her photos on Facebook, then he often has a comment and likes. This is not an important reason to keep lovers apart as he maybe his friend or classmate. There is no reason for people to take this situation in the opposite direction that she will be his girlfriend.

Public agencies and the government agencies are now their time to provide education to the public on relationships, not deal more with other things like disease, hunger. After all, relationships are worse than hunger, and other diseases. There are some people when a relationship life becomes worse so even he fails in his routine activities.

You'll find someone is going to swim in hotels, play games at home during work hours. If you ask him, he will say he is reducing stress because his head is overloaded.

Some staying inside is sleeping all day, don't want to work, other than listening to music and watching television, all this is due to not accepting the problems that arise in your relationship. Acceptance is a good thing as it makes the brain to accept the problem and begin to find a way to solve the problem.

But if they had received the education early on I think that it would be nothing new and would not cause them much stress until they were unable to work.

Although we know love is something that one cannot be given the quickest advice, especially when it comes to loving someone. But he can be given an education on how to avoid temptations from other peoples to live in the event of a misunderstanding between you, what y to do to restore your relationship as before. When someone happens to betray their partner what should be done to restore trust between the two of you.

A large percentage of people suffer from love, and this is all due to not making a good decision or choosing who has real love. Some choose the one who sent money every day to him thinking that maybe he is the one who loves you more than the others are calling to find out about his health condition. In the election do not look for money look at the true personality and true love, someone can help you in the problems.

Living in relationships without having knowledge about a relationship is the same as wanting to do business without having capital. You will live but for a short time, and later everyone will live separately, I request organizations to come out and provide relationship education to help people live longer in relationships. It will also help to reduce infectious diseases such as AIDS because people will stay with their partners.

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