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Relationship is sweet when you find someone who loves you

Relationship always usually sweet when you find someone who really loves you but turns bitter when your loved one leaves you. When you start a romantic relationship, at first it becomes intense every time you think of him, and he thinks about you. I usually divide the relationship into three main parts, just  Beginning, middle, and end of a relationship.
At the beginning of the relationship, the beginning is always good because your relationships are still new, most of the time you are in touch, text via Whatsapp or Face book. Everyone is very happy because you believe you have found the right person to marry. This is the time when each one fulfills his or her responsibilities in relationships without any hindrance. Until you decide to go to the parents' introduce each other, believe that you are going to get married. This is a wonderful time in relationships for everyone who has gone through relationships.

 In the middle of relationships, Here your relationship decrease, just sixty percent is happy and forty percent are disagreements, quarrels, this is the time of jealousy between you. Mistrust, accusing various that you have a relationship with someone why have your phone set up a password to hide the bad things you do while out. By the time there is no communication for two days, everyone is doing their thing. Until one of them decides to come down and send him a message or call the other. However, you won't chart too much or talk too long on the phone with the excuse that I finish some work I will call you back.

 End of relationships, This period is the end of your relationship starting here because when you take a call, he doesn't receive when he receives does not talk, the next time you call she hangs out the call then she turns off her phone. This is often a very difficult time for people. In relationships, because even if you decide to go to her place you will be told, she is not around even if she is inside. Fortunately, the other day when you go and knock on the door, he opens it and sees you, she closes the door and goes on with his affairs. You will ask yourself many questions, what is the cause of all this, it is easy to know the source if you have wronged her must do so because she is angry. But if you haven't done anything wrong to her, then you know she doesn't love you anymore, and she has found someone else.

ADVICE, When your relationships reach this stage of the middle of relationships then realize that you are in a bad place. Try to spend more time restoring your relationship to the beginning of love. And if you fail then know that your relationship will go into the End of relationships period, and that will be the end of your relationship. It your time to take time and find someone else to replace your ex-girlfriend and don't force that girl to back again, the relationship is about time, really love between partners.

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