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To love a house girl is to hurt yourself for stress

Love doesn't choose religion, the tribe also loves do not choose work, you can be an engineer but you can fall in love with a bartender or you become a doctor and you can fall in love with a food vendor. All of this is possible, let me go to today's topic as explained in the headline above.

For me to love a house girl is like wanting to stress yourself, Why do I say that, because relationships require space, enough time to be with her, as well as relationships require freedom and not having a secret relationship. Now when you have a relationship with a house girl it is clear that your relationship must be a secret — until you find her being sent to the shop then you have a chance to talk to her and plan your affairs. 

If she isn't sent to the shop for months it means you can't see him for a whole month, and for some she doesn't even have a phone number, to say you can find her by calling her phone number. Then you have only one way to be in contact with her, which is to go to her house. Something that is difficult for you and for her, since you are afraid of go, and she is afraid of being fired. First, if you say go to her house, unfortunately, if you find the landlord in the house, how will you introduce yourself? It is your relative or classmate?

The difficulty of being afraid of such questions is what makes it difficult to have relationships with them. As well as having a relationship with her, it is clear that his work performance will decrease, most of the time, he will be on the chart with you and sometimes he is thinking about you. So the landlord will not take much time to discover that his house girl has changed in a short period. There are two things to call her and tell that she has changed behavior or let her and start to investigate what made her change the behavior.

My advice is that it's best to find someone to have a relationship with since at the time the landlord realizes that is the reason for the girl to change is he has a romantic relationship with the boy outside. Often landlords are afraid of blame from their parents when she becomes pregnant. So to avoid these blames you decide to send her back to her parents and find another girl to help them all works at home.

For you is a hard time to start to undergo emaciation because you are stressed, you love her, but she goes back home because of you. And you don't know her home, you have no contact with her because she has no phone. Worse, you find out that the girl is living in another region and not in the region where you dwell, so, you may never see each other again and maybe it may be lucky she returns to work for someone else. But you will never be with her again as she will already be in a relationship with someone else.

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