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To love someone is not a problem, the problem is what kind of person do you love?

Many people after their relationships have problems to start regret and say I regret why I fell in love. And to me, I see it is a problem because they have made mistakes but do not know what their mistakes are. You make a mistake in relationships so make sure you recognize your mistakes and correct them. Making the right choice before entering into a relationship is very important as it is a foundation of those relationships.

Whether relationships are long-lasting or not, focus on the character of the person you want to have a relationship with. Does he have a good character that is accepted by the community around him as well as tolerant? He or she can endure stress and pleasure while in relationships. Not just someone to like just a good life and when you get in trouble he runs away to his house and goes back to the day when you have money. If you see such a woman then realize that you will not be able to stay with her in relationships because you will not have money every day.

Avoid having relationships with younger women as they may make unwise decisions when you argue because their minds are not yet fully mature. Also avoid the woman with rough uses of money because you will be spending too much money, and your success will be too low or you may not be successful at all. Women/men of this type tend to care about wearing new clothes every day, having a new phone, forgetting all these things are not as important as making the achievements that would give them everything. This tendency is very prevalent for women who have been passionate about luxury life, driving modern cars, making their hair at expensive salons.

If a man does not have enough income he should leave you and go to the people who have the most money which is why people with money have been choosing anyone to be with because they know she cannot refuse. Although many poor people are the ones with true love but realize that a woman needs daily service to be attractive to you. Now if you don't have the money to take care of her, obviously she can't take care of herself.

ADVICE, If you do not have the right choices in relationships it is clear that you will have a hard time in relationships every day. You will hate sex and say I won't or will not engage in relationships anymore because you made the wrong choice for you. Before choosing a roommate, first, look at her status and your status, do you afford to be with her  from the income  you earn? By her appearance you may know she has regular or large expenses.

In the present world do not try to be in love with women/men who do not want to work for money. Some prefer to just be home waiting to be brought in, this is not a good thing as the time he brings you money when he is sick, who will bring you money. In that case, it means if you do not have food and money to spend at home, romantic relationships are two-way. That is, it can rebuild your double life of the original life. Or destroy the whole vision of your life and become selfless, learn to make the right choice.

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