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Why? female domestic workers have a greater chance of having romantic relationships with the landlord's father.

It's another great day reader and follower of my articles on this blog. Today, I came up with another topic that says why domestic workers have a greater chance of forming relationships with the landlord. There are many reasons why they have a relationship, some of which include:

WIFE TO BE VERY BUSY WITH THE WORKS, As you know men are very weak creatures, and that was written down in religious books. Our ability to exercise self-control and desires of the body is very small compared to a woman's ability. This is one of the main scientific reasons why our bodies fail to suppress the body's desires of women.

FEMALE DOMESTIC WORKERS PERFORMING ALMOST THE DUTIES OF WIFE, Lifestyle changes make women also to be money seekers, years ago these things did not happen. The woman was responsible for raising the family as well as doing all the household chores, such as cleaning the house, to wash her husband's clothes, cooking food. Life change is the source of a woman's being the father who goes out to find the money for the family, and all activities in the house and she lets the domestic worker do it. The services offered by the employee are what make the husband feel a desire to have a relationship with the employee. One of the biggest mistakes that married women make is to leave the domestic worker to perform tasks that involve her and for husband. We have seen many domestic workers conceived by the landlord and others until they were married as a second wife in the house. Married women do not admit to making these mistakes, as the consequences are so great and come so slowly and when they occur they are very difficult to resolve, as the man is already in love with the worker.

ADVICE,  Married women, I advise you a few things about your marriage, those things are common I know you may have known, and been told a lot. But I remind you that you can protect your marriage, whether you are a working woman, self-employed or registered at a factory, company or government. And since you saw that you would be very busy and decided to find a local employee to help with some work there.

 It is not a bad idea because there will be a lot of work and when you come back you will be tired, and you may not be able to do those tasks. If so, do even a few simple tasks like cooking for your husband's morning tea, preparing a shower and so on. Even if you have a lot of work to do, but try to spend some time with your husband to talk about your family. By doing this, you will be able to save your marriage against domestic workers. You remember where you came from with your husband, now why should someone come today and pick him up. This does not give a good picture, and worse you are the source. But you are the final decision to stay with your husband or leave domestic workers to bring him.

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