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Why do people like to have in a relationship with more than one partner?

Things have changed in the present world as compared to previous years. Our ancestors had been in a relationship for a very long time, as well as had a sense of loyalty in their will. If you know this is someone's wife /husband then you may not want to lead him or her to have a relationship with you. But Nowadays, so many things have changed that your closest friend is the one who destroys your marriage or relationship with your partner.

This is all due to the rapidly expanding technology, people have been copied films made by artists about relationships. Instead of learning from such films we have been taking such bad things as having lots of lovers, we in our view consider it fashionable. That if you have more than one partner you feel it will be seen by your colleagues that you are too smarting or that you are an urban kid, there are others who have to give you a reason he or she likes to have relationships with many people, such reasons are.

When a woman has relationships with many people she makes a circle of money, Today she will ask George for a certain amount of money. If he does not have the money then for him it is no loss as she will call for Abraham and ask for money and must be among his six lovers. Two will send money, to her it is more than a job since he earns income without working.

IF HAPPEN MISUNDERSTANDING THEN SHE MOVES TO OTHER SIDEShe is set as the automatic generator when the power supply is off then the generator is automatically turned on and the electricity is continuing to be on. If there is a misunderstanding with his partner then she will not feel stressed as she still has other lovers who can replace the one she is in conflict with. And this is for both men and women, they like to use this method without even knowing the consequences of it being greater than the benefits they say.

IT HAPPENED TO LOVE MORE THAN ONE PERSONSome say they just happened to fall in love with a second person after meeting him somewhere in hotels, beaches. I loved him because he is a civilization, he knows how to love, and he has an attractive appearance as he is complete in every department. This is the main reason for me to be attracted to her, but if you asked her what attracted you to your ex? He will tell you the same things he mentioned to his second lover, and then you will discover that it is just the behavior we have built to have many lovers and not the reasons they gave are very important reasons.

Having multiple partners is not something to be congratulated on but is a good thing for society. It is the source of the spread of diseases like HIV, so it is important for everyone to break the habit and have one partner.

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