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Why do young men / women enter into relationships with people who are older

Welcome back to the new topic today as explained in the headline above. Relationships have now become like a car seat just today sitting me tomorrow sitting others. Worse, if someone reaches two years in a relationship other people seem the person who stayed in the relationship for a long time.

At present, there is a new trend in teenage girls and men having relationships with older people, after investigating some people who have relationships with older people. Many of them said that first of all, they are people with true love and people with more experience in relationships. They know how to live with angry, jealous people, as well as know-how to care, here I mean giving you the amount of money you need on the time and they don't ask what are you going to do with this money.

I also asked him how young people are, he told me teenagers are very jealous, and many young people are not trusting in relationships since they have had more than one girl/boy. As you know the world has changed and there are many diseases so I can't have relationships with young people right now. Young people do not know how to provide services to their partner, he will provide services until you tell them they also have many questions when they give you the amount of money you need.

You will hear what you are going to do with this money, lest you are going to give it to your other partner, and they also are not confident as they always feel betrayed. And this is because it is their own trait to betray, I am now very interested and comfortable in my relationships because he cares about me, loves me, gives me everything I need for a while.

I love him very much and I am ready to marry him,  here are the words I was told by one girl who had a relationship with an older man. And not only him, but many of them, whom I interviewed also said exactly what this girl said.

To me what I can say is love is a union of two people just a woman and a man. And when you are in a relationship there are important things that you need to be treated like being truly loved, cared for, protected from harm.

But if you miss these things then those relationships will have conflict because there are some basics of relationships you haven't fulfilled.

Remember in relationships every foundation of relationships has a huge contribution to make those relationships continue so if you break even one foundation then realize you are making the end of your relationship.

It is true that older people know how to care for relationships especially when they have relationships with someone young. But it's because they have enough income compared to most unemployed youth, not all young people are cheating on relationships. There are others who respect themselves and their partners, so it depends on the brain of some teenagers.

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