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Why your friend is having a relationship with your partner?

In romantic relationships do not try to trust anyone neither your friend, your father, your brother nor your sister over your partner. The power of love is so great that the power of money can never reach it, for we have seen even financiers have been suffering from love then even people without money.

That's when I realized, that love is very powerful, often because of your best friend, and you think that he or she is very important to you. He is also your help when you are in trouble if you still think so in this present world. Then you will experience pain every day since your friend will have relationships with every partner you have. 

And if you have a problem with your relationship, and still go to her for advice, what do you think he'll tell you other than to tell, your partner is in bad behavior? Get away from her, find someone else, and that's his last advice to you, but remember he wants you to leave her then give a chance to take your girlfriend. When you are going to ask for advice from anyone try to filter the advice given, to see if it is good or bad, do not take it directly without filtering it. Although friends are like brothers when we need immediate help they can help us. 

But if you do some research you will find very few true friends in today's world. Others have joined a relationship with you to keep your poverty in one way or another. Before you will have told him all your stuff. So, it is easy for him to find ways to help make a living. There is a saying that says “Your friend is your enemy”, to me I believe this phrase for one hundred percent. Because it has become so common to me that friends I believe are the ones who refuse to return to me, the money I borrow, and some even change the phone number, so I can't find them when I call. 

By saying this I do not mean that we should not have friends, '' No ''. I do not mean that but I mean that we should choose friends who are genuinely friendly. Don't checkout money, you said this is a friend because he can help me with the problems because he has money. 

The biggest reason your friend is having a relationship with your partner is you. You tell him everything about your boyfriend/ Girlfriend, we have been bragging to our friends that “my boyfriend/Girlfriend knows to love too much I have never seen more of than him”. 

These words make your friend crave your partner because you've said that he or she knows love. Another reason is to create an environment for your friend to be closer to your partner, for example, to take him or her regularly to your home. Welcome him with these words, you most welcome here is for you. You can come anytime even when I'm not there.

 These words are very bad as you will give him more freedom. When you are away, he or she will be coming to your house to be close and talk to your partner. Also, don't let him come into your home when you're not there as there is a slang that says “Fear is the mind”. When he comes to you every day he creates a wonderful environment to meet with your partner and end up in relationships.

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