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Welcome to this blog, my name is Baraka Bosco but on the street, many people know me in the name of Baraka success.

I am the owner and author of this blog, I live in Dodoma, Tanzania, and I am 27 years old. This blog is a new one I started this year 2020 with regard to relationship and marriage, why? Relationship and marriage and not something else.

This is because I have seen the relationship issues that disturb people, and also marriage affects both young and old. I have experienced this through my street, more people suffer in their relationship and others in the marriage.

I have learned that it is not only illness that can keep a person from missing to work, but even if the relationships go wrong that day people fail to work.

After seeing those problems increase daily there I decided to create this blog (www.barakasuccess.xyz) with one goal; to write an article and send it to them through this blog. So that people can learn about various aspects of relationships and marriage.

On this blog reading and learning is free, so, you most welcome.

Lastly, in order to improve the service on this blog do not hesitate to send us your comments on this blog, as well as advise us on what to do to improve our service. Send your message via email barakasuccess2020@gmail.com, Thanks all.


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